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Going to Uganda!

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Coming Soon...

I am thrilled to take the next step in my Christian journey and go to Uganda as a short term missionary! Uganda is a third world country with tremendous physical and spiritual needs. I will be living in a primarily Muslim region. Prayer updates and details will be posted regularly to the blog and any subscribers will receive updates to their email also! I am leaving January 17th, and I will share more details as the time gets closer.

I am looking for 30 people who will commit to giving $20 or more a month, the cost of two fast food meals! This will cover my expenses while I am over there and help provide for my needs! These supporters will get access to a private Facebook group where I will share exclusive updates, video content, and confidential information about my trip! This is a great opportunity to support a missionary as a family and have your kids get an in depth look into missionary life!

If you are not able to make a recurring donation, any amount you can give will be appreciated! Thank you so much for your support!

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