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I Am Going To....???

Nope...not so fast. You gotta read till the end to find out!

God has been working in my life the past few months, opening and closing a variety of doors. This summer, God did something in my life that was shocking and unexpected, that freed me up to go wherever he wanted me to go and follow his will for my life without holding back.

I'm in school for social work right now and I love my ministry to the IFBs, but I feel restless and I have been praying about missions for a little while now. I don't have anything to hold me back here in the United States and my life is a blank slate, ready to be shaped and molded. Everything about this made sense.

The question was not "Why go?" It was "Why not go?"

I'm ready to take a step of adventure, a step of faith, and go for several months in January, praying that God will make His will for my life very clear--whether he wants me to go home to the United States or to pursue a career in international missions.

Even though the events of the past few months have been unbelievably painful, I am thankful that God has freed me to go wherever His will takes me. And while I continue to pray and wait for healing in the broken things in my life, I am now willing to move forward in my life and I am excited to see how God uses this to shape my future.

All that being said...I am going to Uganda! I will be helping a missionary couple with a Bible translation project for the local Muslim tribe. I am not able to share too many details here on the internet, for the protection of everyone involved. However, if you personally know me, you are welcome to reach out and I may be able to provide some more details!

I will be taking donations, as plane tickets and the cost of moving to another country is expensive. If you feel led to donate, you can PayPal me at my email ( Anything you can give will be appreciated, as I am really depending on donations to help get me over there!

I promise I will give y'all more details at a later date and I will be posting regular updates when I am over there. If you want to get a prayer letter, use the subscribe form on the website and you will be added to the list!

If you pray for one thing for me right now, pray that God will wreck my life with the Gospel. I want to know the love of Jesus for my life more than ever. We can never get enough of the Gospel and I need more of it! Pray that I will be closer to Jesus each day and feel His presence around me more than anything else in this world.

I am so excited to share with you and so excited (and maybe a little nervous!) to take this next step forward! Thank you for your prayers and support and I look forward to talking to you individually, whether in person or by social media.

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