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Shannon lives in Uganda as a missionary, serving as a social worker and reaching a local Muslim unreached people group. Before her recent move to Uganda, Shannon loved her job as an Emergency Medical Technician. Shannon's favorite things are horses and good food (both scarce in Uganda). 

Shannon grew up Independent Fundamental Baptist and was homeschooled. In her early teens, she started to question whether her denomination was really the “only true church” and found there was very little about her church that was true at all. Isolated and depressed, when she finally awakened to the destructive teachings of her church, she found that leaving would not be easy. After spending years in terror of an angry, fundamentalist God, Shannon finally reopened her Bible and discovered the Gospel, and a freedom she had only dreamed of.


While still very much recovering, Shannon wants to share her candid, unfinished story, in hopes of encouraging other survivors to run to Jesus, no matter how messy the journey may be. She also hopes that through transparency about her ongoing battle with depression and trauma, other survivors will feel heard and validated in their own journeys. Shannon welcomes comments and messages from her readers and would love to speak to your church or small group about ministry safety and preventing church abuse.

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