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Freedom Packages

Leaving IFB is confusing and you may feel like your whole world is in upheaval. We know how hard it is, so we designed a care package just for you. Whether you are on the fence about leaving IFB, or have been recovering for years and just need encouragement, we want to give you some resources to help you explore Jesus and find community in a post-fundamentalist world. (And of course, you want that Krispy Kreme gift card!)

Book on Table

What Will You Get?

  • "Gospel" by J.D Greear

  • "Becoming Free Indeed" by Jinger Duggar Vuolo

  • A CSB or ESV Bible (depending on what we have available)

  • A $10 gift card to Krispy Kreme

  • A list of resources with suggestions for great websites to check out, free online and audio resources, podcasts, Youtube channels, online support groups, and more! 

*Sometimes we will send out gently used copies of these books, to save on costs. These packages are all donation funded-thank you for understanding!

Here is our Amazon wish list, if you want to help purchase materials for the Freedom Packages!

Fill out this form and we'll send the Freedom Package to your door! 

Specify in the text box if you would prefer a audio or Ebook. 

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