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Every survivor has a story to share. This is mine...



Church abuse is far too common.

Twisting Scripture to hurt the vulnerable is far too common.

Support for survivors is not too common.

And I'm ready to talk about it.

Join me on a journey in healing from religious abuse. Come wrestle with tough questions to understand what really happened, why it happened, and how we can prevent it in the future.

Judges 19:30 (CSB)

Think over it, discuss it, and speak up!

Book and Headphones

Free Gift!

As the Lord provides, we are excited to be able to send out gift packages to anyone who requests one! These freedom packages include several books that will encourage you in your spiritual journey and help you break free from IFB. We also are including a list of recovery resources and a small gift. Simply go to the contact form and fill it out, putting "Free Gift" in the type box. We can't wait to get these books into your hands. Ebook and audiobook options available as well, just specify in the contact form. 

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